Privacy Policy


All the following data is being collected for the use of iSee3D unless specifically specified differently and is essential for the use of the application: User name (a chosen pseudonym), Email

The following company-specific data is solely for use by iSee3D and will not be shared with other parties unless we are obliged to do so by law: Company name, Name of contact person, Company address, Street address, Postal code, Phone number and Registration number for Chamber of Commerce.


Payment data will be collected by a party other than iSee3D and will be processed and kept by these parties. iSee3D only receives information about whether or not a payment has been made (call-back) and to which aspects of the application this payment grants the user access. The data which is provided to iSee3D will be kept for as long as the user account remains active. When the account is deleted all his data, including all uploaded files and corresponding data, will be deleted.


iSee3D uses the cookies for site access, they’re placed after a successful login and valid for a limited time. They make sure the right requests are made to the server. They are by no means used for tracking.

iSee3D uses Google Analytics for website traffic analysis.


Once you’ve created an account. It is possible to request all the data you’ve added to your account. You can do this via Menu > Settings > Privacy > Download User profile.


Once created an account, you’ll be able to delete it. This is done by going to your Menu > Settings > Privacy > Delete Account .
This action deletes all models and subscription data. However, data related to financial transactions will be stored for a year for accounting purposes, and then will be deleted.