Why AR gives architecture the boost it needs

Architecture is an important part of civil construction, one of the oldest professions in the world. Where technology globally emerges in every sector, architecture still seems to be a bit behind.

“Even though construction is considered the largest global economic sector, the productivity only increased by 1% over the last 20 years”. 
U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Economic Analysis

Now the question is: How come? In this article I will talk about common obstacles that slow down the process. More importantly, I will share the solution for architects to speed it up. Why? Because architecture definitely needs a boost!

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What are common obstacles?

As an architect you endlessly work on designs, trying to create the best fitting product for your client. Roadblocks come up throughout the whole architectural process. Have a look below. I have summed up and explained some main issues that architects have to deal with.

It’s hard to visualize 2D designs

Clients often don’t speak the same technical language as the architects, which creates some sort of communication barrier. For this reason, it is difficult for clients to understand the architect’s drawings and to visualize the final design. 

There is a slow pace of quality control

Inspections and reviews of clients can take ages. The loop of feedback and improving designs take place over and over again. As a result, the process slows down. Besides the communication between client and architect, this also goes for the collaboration between architects, constructors, engineers and builders.

Overall productivity is low

The general slow pace of projects leads to low productivity. For this reason, architecture is seen as a time consuming, and even more so, costly business. 

So, how can we give architecture a boost? 

Two words: Augmented Reality. If you’re not familiar with AR, you might want to check out this article first: VR, AR and MR: What do they mean?

AR is a rapidly developing technology and shows great potential for the future of architects. For example, you can use it to virtually present a design to your client. Whether you project it in small scale on a table in front of you or in full scale on the building site.  

Architects and constructors using iSee3D Augmented Reality

The use of AR technology comes with great opportunities. It tackles direct roadblocks and improves your business. You’re probably wondering how. Let me convince you by explaining the following benefits:

Give your clients a sense of scale

AR enables you and your clients to view the construction as if it is already built. You can walk around the building and see it from different angles. This way, the building comes to life and gives the client a feeling of how big it actually is. 

Make fast and easy improvements

The first design is never the final design. The architect, engineers, constructors and builders all need to collaborate to create the ideal structure for the client. This goes with lots of reviews and feedback. AR technology allows you to easily adjust designs, instead of recreating the whole drawing. This way, you will spend less time on designs your clients or other collaborators don’t approve. 

Speed up the cycle

If the communication and collaboration between all parties improve, the general speed of projects increases as well. In other words, AR helps you save time and money. 

Stand out from the competition

We live in a world where competition is fierce. You have to find a way to differentiate your business from the competition and convince clients to choose for you. AR makes you stand out. By presenting your designs through a virtual experience, you give a more accurate view of what will be built. Additionally, you can include all specific layers, materials and installations that are not easily explained through drawings. 

Are you an architect that plans to- or is already using AR technology? Or do you know more benefits that AR brings for your sector? Share your knowledge or experience with us in the comments!

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