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The most Popular Augmented Reality Apps in 2020

You have probably heard of terms like VR and AR. While most people are not very familiar with Augmented Reality, everyone knows Pokemon Go and probably played this popular game. AR is becoming more and more accessible through mobile apps. In this article I would love to share some of the most popular AR Apps of 2020.

What is AR (Augmented Reality), in short

AR is short for Augmented Reality. One of many forms of AR is that we use a smartphone to add a digital element (image, 3d model, video or animation) and place it in the real world. Basically, you are mixing the true environment with a virtual addition. The cool thing is that your phone has different sensors so when you place something in that real world you can interact with it as if it’s really there. Learn more about the differences between VR, AR or MR.

IKEA Place

Who hasn’t bought IKEA furniture? IKEA is the most popular self-furniture store in the world. They have launched a new augmented reality app for both iOS and Android. It includes furniture from the whole IKEA catalogue, which you can place in your room. This will give you a glimp of how your house could look with that new sofa or chair, before you actually buy it. The IKEA AR app comes with some great features to measure your room and see if all pieces of furniture fit. Moreover, you can change colors, add accessories and play around where to place it. All with just fingertips on your smartphone.

IKEA Place release video

Pokemon Go

If you like playing games, you probably started playing Pokemon Go when it came out in 2016. Although the game is already 4 years old, it’s still the hottest augmented reality game you can play right now. Niantic created the game to get people off their seats and explore the world catching Pokemon in the wild. When the game was just released it was troubled with lots of bugs and AR issues. However, their recent tech team embedded ARKit and ARCore to have a much better AR experience. For example, Pokemon can now hide behind an object in the real world which makes it much more realistic. Niantic launched a similar game on the Harry Potter franchise.

Pokemon Go release video

Pokemon Go has a very large gamers community around the world, with more than millions of players on a daily basis (latest stats about Pokemon Go). The AR technology created by Niantic has been used by many other companies. It’s combined with Google Maps to geolocate objects and mix them in the real world. Whether it’s a Pikachu, Charmander or Bulbasaur, you can find, catch and play with them wherever you are.

Google Lens

Remember Google Glass? No… well it wasn’t that big of a success. However, after Google pulled the plug from the Glass project they launched an app called Google Lens. This app turns your smartphone (also iPhone) into an even smarter device. Imagine you open the Lens app and point your camera on a building, Google will analyze it and tell you exactly what it is, when it was build and what you can do there.

Google Lens release video

Google owns a few very important components like, Search., Maps, Translate and Photos. Those combined bring a special experience to your phone. For instance, you point your phone at a book and it gives you reviews, shows a summary or finds similar books. Another example is pointing your phone at a museum and get their latest expositions, offers and opening hours. Features that include translation comes in handy while traveling. Look a Chinese menu… boom it’s in English.

Just a Line

Imagine drawing on anything you want. Explain what you mean, or just sketch and be creative in the real world. Just a line is a very smart and simple app that allows you to doodle on anything you see. Most importantly, it’s not just visible on your phone. You can share it in realtime with your friends, colleagues and clients. It’s the first AR app that allows multiple users at the same time. You see what others create and they see your AR renders.

Just a Line release video

Civilizations AR

The BBC launched their Civilizations AR app to make History and Art more interesting and accessible to more people around the world. So if you like history and art, this app is a must have. It brings a rich set of history, art and culture in your hands as you discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt. For example, you can view and learn about iconic sculptures and treasures which are presented in museums around the world.

The Civilizations AR app finishes our most popular AR Apps list with over 30+ historic artifacts. It’s super realistic and easy to scale. Moreover, with the x-ray function you can learn more on what is hidden in these artifacts. There is an interactive feature where you can translate hieroglyphics from the Rosetta Stone, restore a Greek Corinthian helmet or a faded Roman Cockerel Statuette.

Civilizations AR release video

Missing an APP in this most popular AR Apps list?

Have you been working with other great AR apps that should be mentioned in this article? Feel free contact us or comment below and we will make sure to try it out and post it here!

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